🚗 January Gems: The Classic Cars at the Front in 2024

January's top winners and losers. Plus, 10 classic cars with remarkable backstories, and the Subaru SVX is my bold bet.

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Warmest greetings to our newcomers and a heartfelt salute to our dedicated classic car connoisseurs!

We've shifted gears from 2023, a year marked by its distinctive turns in the classic car market, and now, we're cruising into 2024 with renewed vigor and anticipation.

And I’ve started this year off with a bang by adding a hot hatch to my collection: an increasingly rare MG ZR 160.

I owned one when I was a teenager, so it has some great nostalgic value! Here’s a quick snap I took earlier.

Anyway, into the action. In this issue you’ll find:

📈 Classic Car Sales Data: This month’s best and worst performing classic cars

📖 Focus Article: 10 Classic Cars with Intriguing Backstories

📣 Classic Car News: An update from the industry

🎲 Bold Bets: Subaru SVX

Let's go!

📈 January’s Market Data

5 of the Best, 5 of the Worst

Each month we gather sales data from classic car sellers across the globe.

With every update we’ll give you a snapshot: five of the best performers, and five of the worst.

The aim is to spot trends early, so you can get ahead of the game!

Let’s dive into this month’s data:

5 of the Best

BMW Alpina 5 Series (E39)

📈 1 year: 12.6% 5 year: 3.4% 

A harmonious blend of luxury and performance, the Alpina E39 is driving its way to the top. Its meticulous craftsmanship and robust performance are resonating well in the market, reflecting in its solid appreciation.

Toyota Sera

 📈 1 year: 14.2% 5 year: 2.8% 

The Sera, with its futuristic design and unique butterfly doors, is capturing the imagination of collectors. Its upward trajectory in value underscores its growing status as a cult classic.

Volvo 1800ES

📈 1 year: 12.5% 5 year: 1.9% 

The 1800ES, known for its distinctive shooting brake design and reliable performance, is cruising up the value charts. Its classic appeal and practicality make it a compelling choice for collectors.

Cadillac Series 355

📈 1 year: 11.0% 5 year: 3.3% 

This epitome of vintage luxury is making a strong statement in the market. The Series 355’s elegant design and historical significance are driving its steady appreciation.

Alfa Romeo Brera Spider

📈 1 year: 35.2% 5 year: 7.3% 

The Brera Spider is charming its way into the hearts of investors with its striking Italian design and spirited performance. Its significant yearly growth is a testament to the allure of this Alfa Romeo masterpiece.

5 of the Worst

Range Rover Sport (2nd Gen)

📉 1 year: -8.7% 5 year: -1.4% 

The second-gen Range Rover Sport, despite its modern luxury and off-road capability, is seeing a dip. It seems the market is favoring either older, more classic models or waiting for this model to age into classic status.

Oldsmobile Toronado (2nd Gen)

📉 1 year: -10.0% 5 year: -1.3% 

The Toronado, with its unique front-wheel-drive layout and bold design, is unfortunately not accelerating in value. This decline could be due to shifting collector tastes or market saturation.

Volkswagen Type 3

📉 1 year: -5.4% 5 year: -1.3% 

Despite its important place in VW's history, the Type 3 is currently facing a decline. It seems that it's being overshadowed in the market by its more famous siblings like the Beetle and the Bus.

Jensen Healey

📉 1 year: -8.0% 5 year: -1.8% 

This British roadster, despite its charm and performance, is facing challenging times in the classic car market. Its decline could be attributed to its relatively niche appeal and competition from other British classics.

Chrysler LeBaron (3rd Gen)

📉 1 year: -16.4% 5 year: -3.8% 

This once-popular symbol of American luxury and style is currently navigating a downturn in the classic car market. Despite its historical significance and once-coveted convertible variants, the third-generation LeBaron is facing challenges in retaining its value


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📖 Focus: 10 Classic Cars with Intriguing Backstories

Each classic car has its own unique story to tell. From vehicles with famous owners to those that raced on the silver screen, and even some that mysteriously vanished along the way.

The allure of classic cars goes far beyond their chrome-laden aesthetics or thunderous engines.

These stories offer a glimpse into the extraordinary legacy of these 10 timeless treasures.

📣 News: Classic Car Buying Habits Changing Faster Than Ever

In an era dominated by digital convenience, Bring a Trailer stands out in the classic car auction market, shattering records with $1.4 billion in sales in 2023.

This achievement reflects a significant shift as car collectors increasingly favor online platforms for their purchases.

Despite market challenges and a downturn in classic car prices, platforms like Bring a Trailer have thrived due to their user-friendly nature and cost-effective models.

These platforms have democratized the car auction process, breaking down geographical barriers and making rare finds accessible to a global audience.

🎲 Bold Bets: Subaru SVX

In this section we look at cars that can be considered ‘Bold Bets’ for investment purposes.

This month we’re looking at the Subaru SVX; a car rare enough that some may not even be aware of its existence (particularly in Europe).

From its radical window-in-window design to its sophisticated all-wheel-drive system, the SVX was Subaru’s bold statement of innovation and performance. 

But as it doesn’t have the mainstream recognition of some of its contemporaries, does this put it in prime position to be considered a Bold Bet?

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