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  • 📈 Trend Watch: Boxy Classics on the Rise & Predicting the Next Collectible Nissans

📈 Trend Watch: Boxy Classics on the Rise & Predicting the Next Collectible Nissans

Plus, you can now get behind the wheel of a Jaguar F-Type for reasonable money. But should you? I investigate whether it's a potential future classic.

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Welcome back, car enthusiasts. I’m here again with your source for the latest insights and hidden gems in the classic car market.

Here’s what’s coming up in today’s edition:

📸 Snapshot: 5 Boxy Classic Cars Performing Well

🔮 Future Classics: Will the Jaguar F-Type Become a Classic?

🔦 Manufacturer Spotlight: Best and Worst Performing Classic Nissans

Let's go!

📸 5 Boxy Classic Cars Performing Well

The ‘boxy era’ of the 1970s until the early 1990s produced some absolutely epic cars. And today the nostalgia they provide is fuelling a burgeoning investment frontier for collectors.

The distinctive aesthetics and sharp lines defined a generation of cars, and today we can’t get enough of them.

But which ones are performing especially well at the moment? I’ve picked five of my favorites that offer a unique blend of pleasure and profit.

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📸 Will the Jaguar F-Type Become a Classic?

With some online chatter this week suggesting the end might be near for the Jaguar brand (as we know it, at least), I thought it a good opportunity to look at one of the company’s most popular models in recent decades.

The F-Type is a modern homage to Jaguar’s rich legacy of speed and elegance, in particular the famed E-Type.

As the earliest F-Types have seen depreciation make them more attainable, a question arises in the minds of classic car aficionados: Does the Jaguar F-Type hold potential as a thoroughly driveable investment?

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🔦 Manufacturer Spotlight: Best and Worst Performing Classic Nissans

From sports cars to robust family vehicles, Nissan’s lineup over the years has seen a variety of models that have become either icons or cautionary tales in the automotive world.

Certain Nissan classics have stood the test of time, becoming coveted collector’s items and benchmarks for their successors.

But on the flip-side, a handful of models (some unexpected) are experiencing depreciation.

I’ve put together a list of four of the best and four of the worst performing Nissans using the latest market data. See the full breakdown here.

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I'll also spotlight this month's 'Bold Bet' and share a selection of other classic car articles.

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